Imagine there is 15-seconds left on the clock and your team is up by 2 points.  The opponents take a shot and miss; however, they grab that offensive rebound and score the bucket to tie the game. Your team could have won the game, if only you practiced some of those rebounding drills. How do coaches ensure that their players are going to soar up to get that clutch rebound in the dying seconds of the game to secure the win, or try to get those second-chance opportunities on offence. This drill is designed to help that young athlete improve their vertical to obtain and secure those rebounds, both on offense and defense.
Rebounding is a major skill that is developed in basketball and this drill is able to improve the individual athlete’s vertical, in order to jump and get the rebound. This drill can also be used as a conditioning drill for the athletes, as a substitute for running suicides, for example.
Please take a look at the video below of one of the variations explained in the description chart of the drill. This video encompasses the essence of the “wall taps” drill and incorporates the conditioning aspect into the practice.
Let’s get those athletes jumping !

DESCRIPTIONPlayers are spread out around the gym, facing a wall without the basketball. Before starting the drill, have each player raise their arms straight above their head. When the coach blows the whistle, players will jump as high and as fast as they can, while tapping the wall with BOTH of their hands. Players can note their highest jump and use it as a target/goal for each other jump. Coaches can time the rounds and repeat the drill
SKILL FOCUSRebounding, defense, vertical, balance
AGE (STAGE)6+ (FUNdamentals Stage & Learn-To-Train Stage)
EQUIPMENTNone needed
VARIATION:   Wall Taps Introduce a basketball to the drill and have the players tap the walls with the basketball
Introduce a guided defender and have players wall tap under pressure
Have athletes do three wall jumps at a time and then run backwards to the baseline and repeat (as shown in video)
Key Teaching PointsEnsure players are loading up with their legs and exploding up to the wall
Use as a conditioning drill for athletes
Encourage players to work hard and not give up, reaching for their highest jump
Ensure players keep their arms raised for the entire drill
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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