The Government of Canada has ended the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit (CFTC) effective the 2017 tax year, however, people can still claim up to $500 in the Province of Manitoba tax credit for all people ages 24 and under in an 8+ week basketball program or league.  The deadline to file your 2017 taxes with the Government this year is April 30.  The basketball program (club, community club, etc) that you directly registered your child / young adult with will be able to issue to an official receipt.  Due to their short timelines, basketball camps are not eligible for this type of tax credit.


Manitoba’s Fitness Tax Credit - Ages 24 and under

Manitoba’s Fitness Tax Credit allows claims for fitness activities for children under 16 and by young adults aged 16 through 24. The cost of up to $500 in eligible fitness activities, as defined under the parallel federal legislation, may be claimed per child or young adult. For a child/young adult less than 18 years of age at the end of the year, the claim may be made by the child/young adult, or their parent. For a young adult 18 to 24 years of age at the end of the year, the claim may be made by the young adult, spouse or common law partner.

This will provide an annual non-refundable benefit of up to $54 per youth. Children and young adults with a disability, on whose behalf at least $100 is spent for qualifying fitness activities, will be eligible for an additional $54 credit for a maximum credit of $108 – mirroring the federal treatment of children with a disability. The credits reduce Manitoba income tax otherwise payable in the tax year.

The Province's tax credit is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and builds upon the federal government's children's fitness amount.

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