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NIAC College Men's Game Results

Providence University College 105, Association Free Lutheran Bible School 70

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NIAC College Women's Game Results

Providence University College 80, Association Free Lutheran Bible School 46

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Varsity Boys Game Results

Sanford EarlyCat

U of W Collegiate 95, Faith Academy 72 [Championship]
Sanford 70, Northlands Parkway 68 [3rd Place]
Grant Park 58, Gray Academy 44 [Consolation Final]
Stonewall def. Sanford B [7th Place]

Faith Academy 76, Sanford 69 [Semifinal]
U of W Collegiate 73, Northlands Parkway 49 [Semifinal]
Grant Park 55, Stonewall 44 [Consolation Semifinal]

Barons Earlybird

Edward Schreyer 72, Springfield 53
Ste. Anne 72, Edward Schreyer 42
Ste. Anne 86, Springfield 60
Morden 80, Landmark 56
Churchill 98, Landmark 74
Churchill 75, Morden 62

Elmwood Tournament

Elmwood 86, Gordon Bell 76 [Championship]
Louis Riel 93, St. John's-Ravenscourt 91 [3rd Place]
West Kildonan 67, Transcona 53 [Consolation Final]
Linden Christian 67, St. Boniface 35 [7th Place]

Gordon Bell 86, St. John's-Ravenscourt 59 [Semifinal]
Elmwood 105, Louis Riel 67 [Semifinal]
West Kildonan 64, St. Boniface 31 [Consolation Semifinal]
Transcona 66, Linden Christian 60 [Consolation Semifinal]

Elmwood 102, St. Boniface 14 [Quarterfinal]
Louis Riel 69, West Kildonan 52 [Quarterfinal]
Gordon Bell 88, Linden Christian 69 [Quarterfinal]
St. John's-Ravenscourt 84, Transcona 74 [Quarterfinal]

GLH Earlybird

Gilbert Plains 53, Goose Lake 18
Gilbert Plains 49, Swan Valley 35
Swan Valley 70, Goose Lake 46

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Varsity Girls Game Results

Raiders Classic

Oak Park 73, Glenlawn 36 [Championship]
Dakota 41, Garden City 40 [3rd Place]
Garden Valley 61, Fort Richmond 56 (OT) [Consolation Final]
River East 58, Selkirk 31 [7th Place]

Claire Signatovich - Oak Park
Lana Shypit - Glenlawn
Emerson Martin - Dakota
Czyelle Mas - Garden City
Laney Harder - Garden Valley

Most Valuable Player:
Lauren Bartlett - Oak Park

Bronco Invitational

Sisler 68, Miles Macdonell 32 [Championship]
Steinbach 59, Nelson McIntyre 29 [3rd Place]
U of W Collegiate 73, Tec Voc 32 [Consolation Final]
J.H. Bruns 51, Gordon Bell 48 [7th Place]

Crocus Plains Earlybird

Swan Valley 69, Crocus Plains 49 [Championship]
Portage 64, Neepawa 27 [3rd Place]
Neelin 64, Teulon 31 [Consolation Final]
Boissevain 51, Virden 34 [7th Place]

Cuda Classic

Beliveau 55, Leo-Remillard 37
Stonewall 62, Beliveau 23
Stonewall 70, Leo-Remillard 25
Sanford 46, West Kildonan 13
Northlands Parkway 67, Sanford 20
Northlands Parkway 91, West Kildonan 17

Carberry Tournament

Killarney 57, Prairie Mountain 29 [Championship]
Ste. Rose 55, Treherne 23 [3rd Place]
Major Pratt 41, Souris 37 [Consolation Final]
Westpark 38, Carberry 22 [7th Place]

Prairie Mountain 67, Treherne 35 [Semifinal]
Souris 53, Westpark 27 [Consolation Semifinal]

Prairie Mountain 59, Souris 37 [Quarterfinal]

GLH Earlybird

Goose Lake 57, Gilbert Plains 34
Gilbert Plains 52, Swan Valley JV 41

Goose Lake 79, Swan Valley JV 40

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Junior Varsity Boys Game Results

Wesmen Classic

Championship (Dec. 27): Vincent Massey WPG vs Fort Richmond

Vincent Massey WPG 64, Fort Richmond 55 [Red Division Championship]
Sturgeon Heights 85, St. Paul's 58 [Black Division Championship]
John Taylor 75, Miles Macdonell 70 [Red Division 3rd Place]
Maples 70, Garden City 59 [Black Division 3rd Place]
West Kildonan 67, Kildonan-East 54 [Red Division Consolation Final]
Kelvin 86, Dakota 54 [Black Division Consolation Final]
Oak Park 66, St. James 46 [Red Division 7th Place]
Daniel McIntyre 60, St. John's 57 [Black Division 7th Place]
Fort Richmond 79, Miles Macdonell 41 [Red Division Semifinal]
Vincent Massey WPG 60, John Taylor 54 [Red Division Semifinal]
St. Paul's 72, Garden City 54 [Black Division Semifinal]
Sturgeon Heights 96, Maples 70 [Black Division Semifinal]
Kildonan-East 54, Oak Park 48 [Red Division Consolation Semifinal]
West Kildonan 87, St. James 69 [Red Division Consolation Semifinal]
Dakota 80, Daniel McIntyre 57 [Black Division Consolation Semifinal]
Kelvin 60, St. John's 45 [Black Division Consolation Semifinal]

Transcona Invitational

U of W Collegiate def. Lorette [Consolation Final]
Elmwood def. Churchill [7th Place]

Murdoch MacKay def. J.H. Bruns [Semifinal]
Transcona def. Louis Riel [Semifinal]
Lorette def. Churchill [Consolation Semifinal]
U of W Collegiate def. Elmwood [Consolation Semifinal]

Murdoch MacKay def. Lorette [Quarterfinal]
Louis Riel def. U of W Collegiate [Quarterfinal]

Ste. Anne Invitational

St. John's-Ravenscourt vs Sanford [Championship]
Ste. Anne 55, Leo-Remillard 38 [3rd Place]
Killarney 50, Springfield 25 [Consolation Final]
Niverville 70, Stonewall 37 [7th Place]

Sanford 58, Leo-Remillard 42 [Semifinal]
Killarney 69, Niverville 64 [Consolation Semifinal]

Sanford 55, Killarney 30 [Quarterfinal]

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Junior Varsity Girls Game Results

Steinbach Christian Tournament

The King's School 61, Steinbach Christian 36 [Championship]
Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau 60, Oscar Lathin 13 [3rd Place]
Edward Schreyer 34, Pinawa 6 [Consolation Final]
Warren 49, Shevchenko 17 [7th Place]

The King's School 46, Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau 22 [Semifinal]
Edward Schreyer 30, Warren 20 [Consolation Semifinal]

Transcona Invitational

Windsor Park def. Westgate [3rd Place]
Sturgeon heights def. Shaftesbury [Consolation Final]
Louis Riel def. Elmwood [7th Place]

U of W Collegiate def. Windsor Park [Semifinal]
J.H. Bruns def. Westgate [Semifinal]
Shaftesbury def. Elmwood [Consolation Semifinal]
Sturgeon Heights def. Louis Riel [Consolation Semifinal]

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