This drill is designed to develop and improve defensive footwork and habits through the use of slides. Key Slides will also help players improve their positioning on defence and understand the importance of being in the correct position.
When running this drill, coaches should ensure players are low to the ground and that they do not cross their feet while sliding. Coaches should teach players to transfer their weight from one leg to another as they change direction, while ensuring their knee does not go outside of their foot.
DESCRIPTION· Divide players into pairs and put one pair at each basket/key (or two lines of equal distance apart)
· Players will go one at a time, competing against the other teams at the other baskets
· Players execute defensive slides from one side of the key to the other for 30 seconds
· Teammates will count how many times their partner makes it across the key
· Ensure players are using the proper form, as over time their form and position will break down
SKILL FOCUSDefence, Balance, Footwork
AGE (STAGE)6-9 (FUNdamentals), 9-12 (Learn-to-Train)
VARIATION:Lengthen the time of each round to add difficulty
Have athletes hold a basketball extended out in front of them for a conditioning challenge
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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