This drill is designed to teach players how to catch and pass the ball at a game pace. Players will also be working towards developing their pivoting and communication skills while playing this game.
To start, have players pick a partner and get a ball. The players will begin in the centre circle of the gym and they must try and make their way to a basket by passing with their teammate. The player with the ball cannot dribble and can only pivot or pass, while the player without the ball can move freely.
The key teaching point of this game is to ensure that players are using their pivots to create good passing angles and to encourage communication when passing. These skills will transfer over to games and allow players make more accurate passes.
DESCRIPTION· The object of the game is to pass the ball with your partner in order to get as close to the hoop as possible
· For this game, a golf “hole” is the hoop
· Players have two minutes to score as many holes as they can
· On the whistle, players will start out onto the course by passing to their partner
· If a player shoots at a hole and score, then they’ve succeeded on that hole and can move onto the next one
· If a player shoots at a hole and misses, their partner must still head towards another hole, however they must return to that hole they missed and try again
· Any group that manages to do all holes and make it back to the centre circle before time expires has set a course record
· Switch partners often and have players try to beat the course record
SKILL FOCUSShooting, Passing, Footwork, Receiving
AGE (STAGE)9 – 12 (Learn to Train)
VARIATION:If the ball touches the ground, have both partners run back to the middle circle and start over
Have pairs compete to see who can score on all holes with the least number of passes

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Source: The SNYB Blog
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