Dear parents, we want to thank YOU for supporting your kid(s) in sport and activity! You are appreciated for driving your kids to practices and games, preparing team snacks, organizing events, and even providing a listening and supporting ear! You make sports happen for your kids as you are a vital part of the coach-athlete-parent team.
Parents in Sport Week began in the United Kingdom by Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU). Parents in Sport Week celebrates all the parents who help to make youth sport possible by registering their children for programs and providing unconditional support and love.
CPSU believes it’s important for parents and sport associations to work towards the common goal of providing the best sport and activity experience possible for each child. By believing in this, CPSU has created a variety of resources to support parents, coaches, and sport organizations. For parents, there are information pages to help understand what they can do to support their child in sport.
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Dr. Camilla Knight, an associate professor of sports science at Swansea University and a consultant to the CPSU, explains the importance of supportive parents in their child’s sport experiences and has developed some tips for parents who are raising young athletes:
  1. Talk to your child to ensure you both have the same goals and expectations for sport. Remember that these goals may change over time, so having frequent conversations are a must!
  2. Take the time to learn and understand your child’s sport, and know the role it plays in both of your lives.
  3. Recognize the huge range of benefits your child can gain from being involved in sport to help you keep winning and losing in perspective.
  4. Ask your child what they would like you do to and say before, during, and after competitions! Then do it!
  5. Remember that your child is an individual and no one else will have exactly the same sporting journey. Don’t compare your child to others and focus on your own child’s progress and improvements.
Visit Active for Life’s Parents in sport resources page for more information!
Source: The SNYB Blog
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