7-Up is a game designed to help players improve their shooting ability, and to teach them to keep control while under pressure. Players will have lots of fun playing this game due to the competitiveness and pressure that surrounds the game.
To start, players will line up at the free-throw line (or any other designated line), each with a ball. The players could be split into multiple games depending on the size of the group. The object of the game is to not get points. If a player gets seven or more points, they are eliminated.
The key teaching point of this game is to ensure that players are following the On, Up, In shooting mechanics. On: the ball is on the hip in a triple threat position. Up: the ball is lifted straight up in the air. In: legs explode up into the shot, holding follow-through for release.
DESCRIPTION· Players alternate shooting one at a time from the designated line
· If a player makes their shot, there is now “1 in the bucket”
· If the following player makes their shot, there is now “2 in the bucket”
· If a player misses their shot, that player gets all the points that were in the bucket
· A player is eliminated when they get 7 or more points
SKILL FOCUSShooting, balance
AGE (STAGE)6 – 9 (FUNdamentals)
VARIATION:Have multiple lines that players can shoot from, having each line add varying amounts of points to the bucket on a successful attempt (key 1 point, free-throw line 2 points, etc.)
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