Team Prize Pack Winner Todd Redhead
with Wesmen Coach Tanya McKay
Canada's largest basketball coaches clinic wrapped up on Saturday at the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Centre with a total of 250 basketball coaches attending over the 2 days.  Congratulations to Jo-Anne Cushon of Oxbox, Saskatchewan (pictured above with coach Jon Giesbrecht) for winning the coaches trip to Las Vegas next spring!  Todd Redhead of Altona, MB took home the Team Prize pack (pictured to the right with Coach Tanya McKay) which included a set of Wilson basketballs, Wesmen and Bison season passes, Basketball Manitoba shirts, coaching resources and more.  A bonus prize of a Dr. Dish iC3 shot trainer went home to Gina Maxfield of South Winnipeg Community Centre.  Presenting at this year's clinic were headliners Allison and Mike McNeill of the Canadian National Team.  Joining Alison and Mike were local coaches Kirby Schepp, Tanya McKay, Gil Cheung, Jon Giesbrecht along with Dr. Dean Kriellaars, Dr. Reece Malone.  Coaches Michele Sung (Hynes) and Sarah Lundgren hosted a special Women in Coaching session on the Thursday night at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre.  
Dr. Dish iC3 shot trainer winner Gina Maxfield
of South Winnipeg Community Centre.


All sessions were video recorded and will be made available exclusively to all clinic attendees in the next 10 days. The videos will then be made public to all in the New Year.  The clinic attendees will be receiving an email on how to access the videos in the next 10 days on where the clinic videos and other documents can be accessed.

This weekend also saw the Hoops for School Basketball Camp hosted by Jon Giesbrecht to 40 local players at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre.  
Members of the Manitoba Centre for Performance Program were on hand both days of the Super Coaches Clinic as on court demonstrators who did a fantastic job working with the presenters and Basketball Manitoba would like to thank all program members!  Coaches Allison and Mike worked with all the Centre for Performance teams on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings as well at the CGC.  

Basketball Manitoba would like to thank all clinic attendees for being with us all weekend and we hope you are able to take a number of new ideas back to your programs this season!

Full information on the clinic can be found at


Basketball Manitoba would like to thank and recognize the following groups who supported the SCC this year...
Allison and Mike McNeill working with the
Manitoba CP Program
  • Winnipeg Wesmen
  • Manitoba Bisons
  • Winnipeg Minor Basketball Assoc.
  • Sport Manitoba
  • Coaching Manitoba
  • Grey Cup Legacy Grant
  • Qdoba Mexican Eats
  • Papa John's Pizza
  • Cora's Restaurant
  • Starbucks
  • Dr. Dish
  • Rogers
  • Charleswood Roofing
  • Payworks
  • Recovery Spot 

15U Female Centre for Performance Program

17U Female Centre for Performance Program

15U Male Centre for Performance Program

Coach Mike and Allison McNeill

Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials
Provincial Interpreter Martha Bradbury
Manitoba Bison Coach Kirby Schepp

Wesmen Asst. Coach Jon Giesbrecht

Brandon Bobcats Coach Gil Cheung

Dr. Reece Malone
Dr. Dean Kriellaars

Wesmen Coach Tanya McKay

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