Shooting Stars is a drill designed to improve a variety of aspects of the game such as shooting off the catch, shooting under pressure, rebounding, and communication. This drill will also help simulate the pressure of a game by competing against teammates.
This drill should be used to teach players to follow their shot and learn to communicate with their teammates. Coaches should emphasize that players must call the name of the person they are passing to in order to improve communication in a game like scenario.
Communication is essential in basketball and working as a team is crucial to success at any level. Communicating on the court will help to grow relationships between the players that can go beyond the game of basketball.
DESCRIPTION· Divide players into teams, each team has their own basket with one basketball
· Assign five shooting spots at the appropriate distance for the players (two along the baseline, at each wing, and at the top) – see Figure 1 below
· Teams are competing to be the first to make five shots at each spot
· Players will line up at the same spot, taking turns shooting, get their own rebound, pass to the next person, and join the back of the line
· Once a team makes five shots at one spot, they move to the next spot
SKILL FOCUSShooting, Passing, Receiving
AGE (STAGE)6+ (FUNdamentals, L2T)
EQUIPMENTBasketballs and Cones (or lines on court)
VARIATION:Add a dribble before the shot to create a pull-up jump shot scenario
Have players drive to the hoop to practice drives, lay-ups, floaters etc.

Shooting Stars Diagram
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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