This game is really easy to implement and a lot of fun, what more could you ask for when coaching young athletes?
Split the children into groups of two to three and spread them around the gym. Give each team a hula hoop to act as their home base. Try to have all of their home bases an equal distance from the centre of the basketball court.
Place a pile of basketballs in the center for each team to try and steal. On your signal, one player from each team will race to the pile of basketballs. Once they have grabbed a ball, they must dribble it back to their home base. Once they have gotten back to their hula hoop they must high five their team mate for them to be allowed to go and steal another ball from the middle.
Once all of the balls have been stolen from the middle, players can then attempt to steal from other teams. Players cannot steal from the teams closest to them, i.e. their neighbours. They are also not allowed to defend their basketballs in any way. The stealing continues until you signal for the game to end.
Watch the video below for a further description and let us know what you think in the comments below!
  1. Split players up into teams of 2-3, and give them each a hula hoop to act as their home base. Spread the teams evenly around the gym.
  2. Place as many basketballs as you can in the middle.
  3. On your signal, one player from each team will run the middle to grab a basketball, and on their way back to their home base they must dribble the ball.
  4. Once at the hula hoop, they must tag the next player for them to go.
  5. Once all basketballs have been stolen from the middle, players can steal from other teams. They must not steal from the teams directly beside them.
  6. The game ends on your signal. You can decide if you want to declare a winner or not based on which team has the most basketballs.
SKILL FOCUSAgility, Dribbling
AGE (STAGE)6+ (FUNdamentals)
EQUIPMENT10+ basketballs, hula hoops
VARIATION:Instead of dribbling normally back to their home base, have players dribble backwards, or with their non-dominant hand. To make it even more fun, have them crab walk back to their home and cradling the ball on their lap.

Source: The SNYB Blog
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