The octopus drill is great to use as it not only works on an individual’s dribbling, but also their driving – both skills go hand-in-hand (literally) when going for a lay-up!
Begin by setting up 5 cones along the three point arc. These cones will act as the marker for players to dribble around.
The player will start with a basketball under the net. On your signal, they will dribble around the first cone, and then to the net for a lay-up. Once the basket has been made, they will move to the next cone.
The player will progress through all 5 cones and perform lay-ups from different angles around the net. Have them practice lay-ups using both their right and left hand, depending on the side of the net they are attacking from.
The object of the drill is to complete all 5 layups in 30 seconds or less. We do not recommend adding a time component the first time introducing the drill to your athletes.
You can alter this drill depending on the skill level of your athletes. First, you can decide whether or not to enforce the rule of having to make the basket before they can move on to dribbling around the next cone. Another variation is to make it a team competition, rather than an individual competition. Divide the group into 2+ teams, depending on the number of players present. You can have each player go through the circuit and only give them one attempt at making the basket per cone (i.e., 5 cones = 5 lay-up attempts). For every basket made the players will yell their score. First team to 20 baskets, for example, wins. Alternatively, in teams you can add a time component. Have players make all five baskets during their turn. First team to go through all players and sit down in a line will win that round.
See the video below for further demonstration, and let us know what you think in the comments below! Stay tuned for next week’s post, as it will be the Octopus Drill using two basketballs!
  • Set up 5 cones around the three point arc
  • One player at a time will dribble from under the net around the first cone, to the net for a lay-up. They will continue this for all 5 cones.
SKILL FOCUS Dribbling, Lay-up
AGE (STAGE)9+ (Learn-to-Train)
EQUIPMENT 1 Basketball, 5 cones
  • If players are grasping the skills, try adding a timed component – i.e. complete the circuit under 30 seconds.
  • Make it a team competition by splitting the group into at least 2 teams. On your signal, players will go through the circuit one at a time. Players will either have to make all 5 layups to be able to continue, or tally up their points and the first team to 20 points, for example, will win
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