This game is very fun and can be used after you have gone over the proper shooting technique, or even as a warm up!
Once players have grasped the basics of shooting, use this game to have them practice them. If the players have not grasped the skill, are too young, or you need a warm up game, Popcorn Basketball can be easily modified. Instead of having the players shoot the ball into the matts, have them perform a specific pass (two hand bounce pass, chest pass, etc.).
  1. To start, set up lily pads around the middle of the gym, with a foam ball (for practicing shooting technique) or basketball (for practicing passing) at each one.
  2. If you are practicing shooting technique, have one player stand at centre court and stand the mats up around them forming a box to shoot the balls into. If you are practicing passing, have one or more players (depends on the size of the group) stand at centre court with their backs facing each other, ready to receive a pass from their teammates.
  3. Have students start at a target.
  4. On the coach’s signal, players will begin to shoot the ball from their target into the box. Any ball that lands inside the target, the player inside the box will shoot them out is different directions for players to run to retrieve them.
  5. Once a ball is retrieved, players will go to a new target and shoot again. Coaches are to walk around and ensure players are using proper shooting (or passing) techniques.
  6. The game ends on the coach’s signal.
Watch the video below for further demonstration!

  1. Lay out shooting targets/pylons scattered around centre court. To start, have one foam ball per target and one player stand in the centre circle with a mat around them making a tall box.
  2. Have each player stand at a different target.
  3. On the coach’s whistle players are to shoot the ball into the mat.
  4. Once a ball lands inside the box, the player inside will shoot the balls in different directions for others to retrieve.
  5. Once a ball is retrieved, the player is to try shooting from another target, ensuring proper form.
  6. Game ends on coach’s signal.
AGE (STAGE)6+ (FUNdamentals)
EQUIPMENT Foam balls, pylons or shooting targets, gym mats
VARIATION: If you find that your players aren’t grasping the form for shooting, simply remove the mats in the middle and have them practice passing from different targets to the player(s) standing in the middle. Challenge them by asking them to do a specific pass (two hand chest pass, bounce pass, etc.).
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Source: The SNYB Blog
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