Image result for insured camp basketball manitoba\If you are looking to get stronger and jump higher this summer, check out "Bounce Evolution"; a vertical jump program designed by Matthew Koenig and Ronald Perepeluk in partnership with Acceleration Performance.

The 6 week program is available for purchase online for only $10. Along with the program, athletes will receive email support as well as video tutorials for how to follow the program.

For those who are serious about taking their athleticism to the next level, the full 12 week program is accepting clients for the summer. The program has been fully tested by Matthew Koenig and Ronald Perepeluk. They used the program to increase their vertical leap by nearly 6 inches!

If you are interested in joining "Bounce Evolution" contact Matthew by email at

Follow Bounce Evolution on Instagram and on YouTube to see clients progressing and to receive more information as well as tips and workouts to help you jump higher. Don't miss out!


For more information, or to register please contact...

Matthew Koenig
Bounce Evolution
Phone: (204) 891-6851
Instagram: @bounce_evolution

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