The Lay-up, easy to learn, hard to perfect.
The lay-up is a fundamental sport skill in basketball. Using a combination Fundamental Movement Skills (Balance, Coordination, Jumping, and Throwing), lay-ups are essential to every players game.
While they are the easiest shot in the game, they can also be one of the most difficult skills to master due to the amount of variations they can have. However, a player who is unable to finish at the rim with confidence can become a liability for their team.
Therefore, because they are so valuable it is important to understand how to do them properly. Breakthrough Basketball has put together a great video on the 3 lay-up progressions as well as their points of emphasis (Key Teaching Points). Check it out!

Lay-Up Progressions

DESCRIPTIONProgression 1 (1 Step Lay-up): Start close to the hoop with you shooting hand foot-forward. With the ball on the outside of the body, step with the inside foot (back foot) and jump to release the ball. Emphasis on the footwork.
Progression 2 (1-Step Lay-Up): This progression is similar to the first one, however the emphasis now is on keeping eyes up at the rim and the ball on the outside hip. Emphasis on Eyes and Hip Pocket.
Progression 3 (1 Dribble Lay-up): Start with the shooting foot forward from about the elbow. Take one dribble and explode up for the finish. Emphasis on timing of the steps.
AGE (STAGE) 6+ (FUNdamentals Stage)
EQUIPMENT 1 Basketball per Player
VARIATION:Add a guided defender to improve the decision making of the offensive player. Have the offensive player start in the middle of the court. Have the defensive player shade the offensive player one way or another. Have the offensive player take 1 dribble to the side they are being shaded to and finish at the rim for a lay-up.
Source: The SNYB Blog Continue reading Drill: Lay-Up Progressions
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