The rebound, to the outlet, to the finish might be one of the simplest but prettiest plays in basketball. And though its only three steps, it’s far from easy. Gordan Hayward (albeit a much younger, skinnier version), a forward for the Utah Jazz, walks us through it.
Hayward explains that when rebounding the basketball you want to explode up and meet the ball in the air with both hands. When you grab the ball, bring it to your chin and squeeze with both hands to secure the ball.
The next step is to pivot and look all the way to the opposite rim. Is there a teammate open for an easy pass and an easy lay-up? If there is no one there, look for a teammate cutting towards you (and the ball) and make an outlet pass to them.
If you catch the outlet pass, the first thing you want to do is (again) look all the way up the court to see if there are any teammates open for easy passes. If not, take your dribble up the middle towards center court. Keep your head up – once you see a pass open up, come to a jump stop and make a strong pass to your open teammate.
Once the ball is rebounded and the outlet pass is made, players without the ball should all be sprinting up the sides of the court. If there is an open angle, players can also cut towards the basket for a pass. Catch the pass with two hands and finish strong at the rim.
Take a look at the video below for a thorough walk-through and a simple drill (at 5:45) to develop rebounding, passing, and lay-ups in transition.


DESCRIPTIONStart with two lines on the baseline; one under the backboard and one in the corner. The first player in each line steps onto the court, one under the hoop and one at free-throw line extended. The player under the hoop starts with a basketball, tossing it off the backboard to grab the rebound. As they pivot, their teammate cuts towards the ball for the outlet pass. The rebounder then runs wide down the sideline while the ball handler dribbles down the middle of the court. At the other end, the ball handler will find their teammate for a lay-up or find their own shot.
SKILL FOCUS Rebounding, Passing, Lay-Ups
AGE (STAGE) 10+ (Learn-to-Train Stage)
EQUIPMENT Basketball
Add a second player starting in the other corner to add another offensive option.

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Source: The SNYB Blog
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