BIDS END THIS FRI 11:59 PM: Basketball Manitoba has a set number of low and desirable plate numbers aside for additional fundraising. The rights to purchase the plates bearing these numbers are being auctioned, with all proceeds being directed to the Basketball for Life Fund.  The silent auction will run through the Basketball Manitoba website that will see anyone wishing to bid on a certain plate to have the opportunity to do so before the auction closes on March 31, 2017 at 11:59 pm.   All bids start at $25 with exception to the "MJ Plate" (BK0023) which will start at $100.  The "Curry Plate" (BK0030), "Magic Plate" (BK0032), "Larry Plate" (BK0033) and "VC Plate" (BK0015) will start the bidding at $75 each.   

To purchase a basketball specialty plate, you must be a Manitoba Public Insurance customer and have one or more qualifying vehicles registered in your name. Winning this bid will only grant you the rights to the actual licence plate number. You will still need to purchase the actual basketball specialty plate from MPI for $70.00. All other terms, rules, and conditions related to the public sale of specialty licence plates will apply. 

All proceeds from this auction will go to the Basketball for Life Fund  More information on the basketball specialty plate itself can be found on the Manitoba Public Insurance website.   

As many people have been asking, plate number BK0001 is being purchased and donated to the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame to be added to the museum archive.

WHAT PLAYERS WORE SOME OF THE NUMBERS WE HAVE AVAILABLE? All available numbers are below and on the bid form
  • BK0023 - Michael Jordan (premium plate starting bid is $100)
  • BK0030 - Steph Curry (premium plate starting bid is $75)
  • BK0032 - Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Kevin McHale (premium plate starting bid is $75)
  • BK0033 - Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Scottie Pippen (premium plate starting bid is $75)
  • BK0015 - Vince Carter (premium plate starting bid is $75)
  • BK0035 - Kevin Durant
  • BK0009 - Tony Parker
  • BK0020 - Gary Payton, Manu Ginobili
  • BK0031 - Reggie Miller
  • BK0036 - Rasheed Wallace
  • BK0040 - Shawn Kemp
  • BK0042 - James Worthy, Kevin Love
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