The annual North South Showdown varsity boys basketball tournament is being hosted by both Maples Collegiate and Oak Park High School this weekend.  Full info on the event can be found below and on the official tournament website at...

C7O Sports North-South Showdown Banner

The following games will be broadcast live online at...

Broadcast Schedule

Thursday, February 23
Game 2  - 2:30pm - Maples vs DMCI
Game 6  - 4:15pm - GP vs M. Mackay

Friday, February 24
Game 5  - 2:30pm Maples Gym
Game 10 - 4:15pm Maples Gym
Game 11 - 6:00pm Maples Gym
Game 12 - 7:45pm Maples Gym

Saturday, February 25
Game 13  - 10:00am Maples Gym
Special Event - 11:45am Maples Gym
Game 15 - 1:30pm Maples Gym
Game 16 - 3:15pm Maples Gym
Game 17 - 5:00pm Maples Gym

Results will be updated on the StatTracker website...
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