Construction on the 60,000 sq ft. Fieldhouse at Dakota CC is progressing on schedule for a Fall 2017 Grand Opening.  As the club heads into the home stretch of construction, much attention continues to be placed on the finishing details to ensure this world-class facility meets the needs of our community and the necessary expectations of the growing list of user groups.

From volleyball, basketball, badminton and pickleball to baseball, table tennis, judo and disc sports, to name a few – the sport community has begun flocking to DCC to learn more about the opportunities for their respective sports in this premier sport and recreation facility.

Dakota Fieldhouse. Rendering of the exterior showing front entrance, parking lot and grounds.With 3 full size basketball courts, 3 main and 6 cross court volleyball courts, 12 badminton/pickleball courts in an overlaid court design in nearly 30,000 sq ft of open gym space, dividable into 6 separate spaces, the Fieldhouse will offer a spectacular setting for these sports and many other user groups looking for indoor gym  space in our community.  Among its many highlights, the Fieldhouse will boast 9 m ceilings within the main fields of play, along with a high quality hardwood playing surface, preferred by most of the sport users and a necessary surface for wheelchair athletes.

Basketball leagues and programs who are interested in seeking access to the new facility this fall can contact the club's program director at...

Randy Anderson
Program Director
1188 Dakota Street
Winnipeg, MB R2N 3H4

Phone:     (204) 254-1010 ext. 205  


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