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    February 21, 2017

    Game: Basketball Touchdowns

    As coaches we want to develop great athletes, and in a basketball program it is often mistaken that the best way to do that is by focusing solely on basketball skills. While it certainly contributes, if all you work on is basketball skills players will miss out on up to 50% of their athletic development.
    Half the battle of ensuring that players have proper development relies on the incorporation of Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Literacy regularly into your training sessions. A great way to do that is through games… and you know we love taking a games approach to development!
    Here is a great game you can use in your practices to incorporate some fundamental movement skills into your sessions. This game is especially great because it is broken down into progressions, where every skill is developed over time with patience.
    It’s important to note that in the video the game requires lots of equipment that you might not have – but that’s okay! Feel free to use any equipment as a substitute. Hula hoops can be replaced with cones, rings can be replaced with jerseys or bean bags, etc.


    DESCRIPTIONBuild 1: Hoop Catching – Players self-toss the ball in their own space.
    Build 2: Partner Catching – Remove half the balls, so players can pass balls among each other
    Build 3: Touchdowns – Break players into teams of two. Place objects around the gym, and a line of cones on either side of the play area. Teams try to retrieve as many objects as possible – one partner runs to an object and receive a pass from their stationary partner. Completed passes let’s the player bring that object back.
    Build 4: Super Touchdowns – Assign different point values to different objects.
    SKILL FOCUSPassing, Receiving
    AGE (STAGE)6+ (FUNdamentals & Learn-to-Train)
    EQUIPMENTBasketballs, cones, and other small objects
    Incorporate different types of passes into the game. Have players complete bounce, overhead, underhand, one-arm passes with their partner – at any build of the game.

    We believe incorporating physical literacy is crucial to the proper development of youth athletes. … Continue reading Game: Touchdowns

    Source: The SNYB Blog
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