Tag games are just the best. There are just SO MANY OPTIONS! With seemingly unlimited variety, and a ton of benefits to the development of fundamental movement skills, tag games are a favorite way to warm-up players or break up the monotony of a basketball practice.
Triangle Tag is a tag variation we stumbled on recently that breaks players into smaller groups playing smaller games (instead of having everyone play in the same big game). The obvious benefit of this kind of game is that it’s easier to group players by size and/or ability – this ensures players can experience some success, but also don’t get bored against easy competition.
But this kind of game can also be used to break up friend groups that always seem to gravitate together. Instead of the same groups of friends playing and competing together, small group games like this give coaches an opportunity to have players work with others they may not know nearly as well.

Triangle Tag

DESCRIPTIONPlayers break into groups of 4. In each group, 3 players form a triangle (putting their hands on their teammates shoulders), and the last player is “It”. The player who is It chooses one player in the triangle that they will attempt to tag. As the player who is It tries to tag the player, the triangle of teammates moves to protect their teammate (keeping them on the opposite side of the triangle from the player who is It). Play for short rounds and rotate the player who is It with each round – you can also mix up the different groups.
SKILL FOCUSAgility, Communication, Awareness
AGE (STAGE)Learn-to-Train (10+)
PLAYERS4 per group
The video suggests changing the size of the circle by players holding onto each other by the elbows or using pinnies. You can also experiment by increasing the size of groups, making a square (4 players) or pentagon (5 players) instead of a triangle. This forces more teamwork on behalf of the group, and makes it more difficult for the player who is It.

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