Welcome to the Junior High Basketball Championships!

Since 1996, Basketball Manitoba has been hosting the Junior High Basketball Championships (JHBC) (aka Junior High Invitational Tournament) during “March Madness”. The JHBC is open to 12 teams from each gender and level (Senior and junior) from the Junior High / Middle School levels. The Junior category consists of students in Grade 7 and 8. The Senior Category consists of students in Grade 9, not playing Junior Varsity. The event traditionally runs the third week of March.

JHBC Dates: March 18-21, 2024

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  1. Overview
  2. JHBC Schedules
  3. Format
  4. Eligibility
  5. Selection Criteria
  6. JHBC Rules
  7. Registration
  8. Other Information
  9. Past Champions
  10. Contact

JHBC Schedules
Schedules are to be posted on March 12, 2024

JHBC Sample Schedule

Please note that schedules can change!
Check back often to ensure you have the latest version!

2024 Senior Boys Open Schedule (Grade 9)

2024 Senior Girls Open Schedule (Grade 9)

2024 Junior Boys Schedule (Grade 7-8)

2024 Junior Girls Schedule (Grade 7-8)

JHBC Overview

Basketball Manitoba will be hosting its annual Junior High Basketball Championships, March 18-21, 2024. The JHBC will be open to 12 teams from each level (Senior & Junior) for boys & girls, totalling 48 teams participating. The JHBC will wrap up the junior high/middle school basketball season by providing a year-end program for interested teams.

If your school’s team is interested in participating in this year’s JHBC, please submit the JHBC Application to Basketball Manitoba no later than Friday, March 8, 2024. All forms are to be submitted online (see the bottom of the page). You will receive an email with the receipt of the application.

The Selection Committee will meet on Sunday, March 10, 2024, at Sport Manitoba (145 Pacific Ave) from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM to make the final decisions on who is in the JHBC. All coaches who apply for a spot in the JHBC are strongly recommended to attend the selection meeting, however, it is not mandatory, but STRONGLY suggested that each team send a representative to attend the meeting. The more coaches that attend the selection meeting, the more input the Selection Committee will have, and the better the JHBC will be!

The 2024 sites will be held at... (subject to change)
  • Junior Girls - Calvin Christian School
  • Junior Boys - Leila North School
  • Senior Girls - Daniel McIntryre Collegiate
  • Senior Boys - Sisler High School
  • All Finals - Tec Voc High School
Email info@basketballmanitoba.ca if you are interested in being a future site host!

JHBC Format

  1. 12 teams are to make up each of the four divisions (Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys, and Junior Girls) in the JHBC.

  2. Teams Seeded 1-4 will receive a bye in the first round of the JHBC. Teams seeded 5-12 will play in the first round, with the winning teams joining teams seeded 1 – 4 in a single-game knockout bracket-style tournament. (View Sample Schedule). Seeding of teams will primarily be based on matching different school divisions to avoid intra-conference play and match those teams that have not faced each other this season. A JHBC site host who enters their team into the championship will receive an automatic berth into the championship and not be required to play in a "play-in" game. An open committee of coaches will be formed at each level to determine the teams to be invited into the JHBC and the seeding in the draw. We welcome all active Coaches / Conveners in the Junior High Leagues to join the selection committee.  

  3. Game times for the week will be 4:15 pm, 5:30 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm.  Beginning in 2024, the Championships game times at Tec Voc will operate with 3:00, 4:30, 6:00 and 7:30 pm start times.

  4. Each team participating will pay a non-refundable entry fee of $275.00 (payable to “Basketball Manitoba”). Fees will cover tournament officials, administration, insurance & awards. Those teams receiving one (1) game in the JHBC will receive a $125.00 rebate. Those teams receiving two (2) games in the JHBC will receive a $50.00 rebate. Those teams receiving 3 or more games in the JHBC will not receive a rebate. Basketball Manitoba will cover the costs associated with all teams who make their respective championship finals.

  5. Basketball Manitoba must receive full payment by eTransfer to pay@basketballmanitoba.ca (preferred method),  cheque in the mail, Visa or MasterCard number over the phone or Visa, MasterCard, cash or Interac in person no later than Friday, March 15, 2024, by 4:30 PM. Payment will not be taken at the gymnasium; they must be in prior to the JHBC.  Receipts will be issued by mail the week following the JHBC if requested.

JHBC Eligibility

  1. 'Junior' athletes are classified as being currently in Grade 7 or 8 and born after January 1, 2010
  2. 'Senior' athletes are classified as being currently in Grade 8 or 9 and are born after January 1, 2009.
  3. All athletes are eligible to play in the JHBC played in your school’s program in the current school year, based on each Division’s eligibility guidelines.
  4. Teams must enter the JHBC with the same roster they have competed with all season.
    1. The grade advancing of players from a younger team that was not part of your roster all season to an older grade team is NOT permitted. Teams must compete in the JHBC with the same roster they competed and qualified with all season. For example, players who played on a Grade 7 team all season are not allowed to play on the Grade 8 team for the JHBC. Players who played on a Grade 8 team all season are not allowed to play up on the Grade 9 team for the JHBC.
    2. The combining of 2 or more teams at the same grade within a school to form a 'combined team' or 'All-Star team' to enter the JHBC is NOT permitted. If a school hosts more than one team at a given grade and gender level, they must register for the JHBC as 2 independent teams. The selection committee will base the JHBC seedings on a single team's record, and combining teams at the end of the season will make the process of properly placing teams in the schedule inaccurate. Should a school host 2 or more teams at the same grade level, they are all welcome to apply as individual teams to be considered for the JHBC.
  5. All participants MUST be full-time students of the current school they are representing.
  6. The team must have the school's administration approve their participation in this event.
  7. No players are allowed to move down to a team that they did not play for in the current school year (i.e. If a Grade 9 team does not qualify for the JHBC and the Grade 8 team does, no players from the Grade 9 team can be brought down to the Grade 8 team).
  8. Players are permitted to play as many as 3 GAMES up at a higher level in the current school year and remain eligible for their current grade team. Once a player plays 4 OR MORE GAMES at a higher level, they are no longer eligible for the JHBC at the younger grade level. All tournaments played 'up' are considered as 2 games as defined by the MHSAA.  2024 EXCEPTION: Due to the changing basketball landscape at the Grade 9 level, Grade 9 athletes playing at the Junior Varsity level will be eligible to play in the Grade 9 JHBC.  
    1. EXAMPLE: If a Grade 8 player moves up to the Grade 9 or Senior level and plays 4 games or more during the current school season, they are ineligible to compete in the JHBC at the Grade 8 level.
    2. EXAMPLE: Should your school have a blended grade 9 / grade 10 JV team and is competing at the JV level all season, for 2024 only, the grade 9s on that team could be formed to create a grade 9 only team and would be eligible for the 2024 JHBC.  
  9. All Grade 8 (Junior) teams that participate in the JHBC must have played at the same level they played during the current school year's season.  
  10. Teams must declare what players will be on their roster for the JHBC, prior to their conference playoffs. Teams adding new players after this point will be declared ineligible for the JHBC.
  11. Appealing Rules of Eligibility. Please submit a letter stating the full details of your appeal on behalf of your player/team with your JHBC Application. The JHBC Committee will review each case at the selection meeting and will inform you of the ruling. All decisions of the JHBC committee are final. Please send this information by email to Tiara Licsi at tiara@basketballmanitoba.ca.

Selection Criteria

Decisions made by the selection committee will be factored using the following criteria...
  • Overall team record (W-L)
  • League record (W-L)
  • Tournament play & final placing
  • The calibre of schedule (number of games, the strength of opponents, etc.)
Other Notes:
  • All applications received past the date of the Selection Meeting will not be accepted for any reason.
  • All teams that applied will be officially notified by email of the decisions of the Selection Committee.
  • All decisions of the Selection Committee are final. All concerns must be made in writing and forwarded to Tiara Licsi at tiara@basketballmanitoba.ca at Basketball Manitoba.

JHBC Rules

The JHBC rules will be played under current FIBA rules with MHSAA administrative guidelines.
  1. GAME TIME: Games are to be played with four (4) and eight (8) minute quarters, with a stopped time with an overtime period, if necessary, of four (4) minutes. Halftimes will be ten (10) minutes in length (unless the event is running behind schedule; the host may shorten this at their discretion). Teams will be given a “grace period” of five (5) minutes to field a team of five players. Teams that do not field a team within the grace period will default the game (lose) to the opposing team. The “official game time” will be that of the JHBC organizer on site.
  2. ZONE DEFENSES: In keeping with the “spirit of the game,” all coaches are asked to play 'man-to-man' defence at all times. No zones, zone presses or match-up defences of any kind are permitted. Man-to-man does allow “help” or double-teaming on the ball at any time on the court. Teams cannot double-team a player without the ball on an inbound play. Teams cannot triple-team the ball. Defences can rotate to address any traps or double teams but must still guard a player, not a place on the floor. No “clear-out” offences are to be used to isolate a player and test the boundaries of the rules. Referees are asked to review this point in their pregame conference with the head coaches and captains. Violations of the 'No Zone' rule will see the referee...
    1. 1st Infraction per game: Give an official warning to the team to be recorded on the scoresheet.
    2. 2nd Infraction per game: 1st technical foul assessed to the head coach
    3. 3rd Infraction per game2nd technical foul assessed to the head coach, resulting in the head coach being removed from the game
  3. DEFENSIVE PRESSING: Teams will be allowed to full-court press the entire game up to a 15-point advantage.
  4. BALL SIZE: The size 6 (28.5) regulation-size basketball will be used at the Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Senior Girls, with the size 7 regulation-sized basketball used at the Senior Boys levels throughout the JHBC. The Wilson Evolution basketball will be the official game ball of the JHBC.
  5. FREE THROW LINE: The free throw line will be at regulation length for all levels.
  6. THREE-POINT LINE: The 6.25m (old FIBA line) or the marked 3-point line will be used in ALL levels of the JHBC, including the Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys and Junior Girls.
  7. SHOT CLOCK: A 30-second shot clock with a 10-second backcourt line will be used at ALL levels of the JHBC, including the Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys and Junior Girls.
  8. Behaviour: Inappropriate actions or behaviour of players, coaches or spectators will not be tolerated. The decisions of JHBC Officials and Organizers are final. The Basketball Manitoba Codes of Conduct will be in effect throughout the JHBC.

Other Information

  • It is our intention to recognize league winners with automatic berths, but as many leagues do not declare their champions until that preceding weekend, it may be necessary to pre-seed teams based on their league records. Furthermore, since this is an optional championship, it is quite possible that some teams may not wish to extend their season.

  • Referees will be selected from two sources: Certified MABO Officials and recommended Junior Officials from the various Conferences. If you know of a quality Junior High official, please add their name and phone number to the Application Form. All officials must have attended a referee’s clinic during the current season in order to be eligible to be assigned to a JHBC game. 

  • All teams must provide for themselves warm-up balls and appropriate matching FIBA-approved uniforms. Uniform numbers can range from 0 to 99 inclusive. A matching uniform includes an undershirt (if worn) being the same colour as the uniform top, black or white. This will be enforced by game officials. Undergarments, if worn, should be either black, white or the dominant colour of the jersey.

  • JHBC banners and t-shirts will be presented to the Champions and Finalists (2nd place). A maximum of 17 t-shirts per team, including coaches, will be awarded to the Champions and Finalists players. Any extra t-shirts needed are the responsibility of the team.

  • There will be no changes made to the JHBC schedules once they have been released on the Tuesday prior to the event. Teams must be able to field a team of at least 5 players at any of the times scheduled during the week. No exceptions.
  • Host sites will charge a cash admission fee of $3 per day for adult spectators to attend the event games.  

If you would like to sit on the committees or you have the names of coaches in your league that would be interested, please indicate this on the online application form at the below registration link. We are hoping to see your program involved in this year’s JHBC!

Teams Registered to Date

The following chart is automatically updated every 5 minutes with the current list of all teams who have applied for consideration into the JHBC. Scroll up and down the list using the scroll to the right of the chart. The list is sorted by level. Can't see the below chart? CLICK HERE to view it in a new window.

To view this information properly on a smartphone, rotate your device to a 'landscape' position to see all the data.

Past JHBC/JHIT Champions

Please email us any information below that we have missing, or that is inaccurate!

YearSenior Boys Grade 9Senior Girls Grade 9Junior Boys Grade 7/8Junior Girls Grade 7/8
1997SislerJ.H. BrunsKen SeafordGordon Bell
1998Ken SeafordSamuel BurlandSargent ParkSargent Park
1999Sargent ParkSamuel BurlandJohn PritchardSargent Park
2000Sargent ParkGeorge McDowellBeliveauHenry G. Izatt
2001AcadiaAcadiaSargent ParkGeorge McDowell
2002Sargent ParkSargent ParkSargent ParkCharleswood
2003Sargent ParkGeorge McDowellChurchillChurchill
2004SislerHenry G. IzattSargent ParkStanley Knowles
2005Sargent ParkSislerStanley KnowlesStanley Knowles
2006Arthur A. LeachSislerStanley KnowlesCharleswood
2007SislerCharleswoodSargent ParkArthur A. Leach
2008Arthur A. LeachJohn PritchardStanley KnowlesSargent Park
2009St. Paul'sArthur A. LeechSargent ParkSargent Park
2010Sargent ParkSargent ParkStanley KnowlesSargent Park
2011SislerSargent ParkStanley KnowlesSargent Park
2012Kildonan EastSislerStanley KnowlesSargent Park
2013SislerSargent ParkStanley KnowlesSargent Park
2014SislerSargent ParkStanley KnowlesLinden Meadows
2015SislerHenry G. IzattArthur A. LeachLinden Meadows
2016General WolfeSargent ParkStanley KnowlesSargent Park
2017SislerSislerAcadiaA.A. Leach
2018MBCISislerAmber TrailsHenry G. Izatt
2019St. Paul'sSargent ParkSargent ParkHenry G. Izatt
2023Garden CityChurchillWaterford SpringsStanley Knowles
2024St. Paul'sGarden CityStanley KnowlesRegent Park


For more information on the JHBC, please contact Basketball Manitoba.

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