COMPLETE SURVEY NOW! Basketball Manitoba along with the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association and the Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association is seeking your input on helping us create a detailed database of all basketball facilities in Manitoba.  These can range from Elementary, Junior High / Middle Schools, High Schools, Post-Secondary Schools, Community / Recreation Centres or a church.  If its indoors and you can play basketball there, then we want it in our database!  This data is being collected and will be made public to allow the basketball community to have a proper and current inventory of all basketball facilities in our province (see below for the live data collected to date).

If you are familiar with the basketball facility you frequent, whether you are a teacher, coach, administrator, volunteer or just a fan and can provide an accurate account of the requested information, please take the 3-4 minutes to add your gym to the growing list.

Questions being asked in the survey include specifications on size, floor lines & material, number & style of hoops and other amenities tied to a gymnasium.

The data will be added to a growing live map which will provide the basketball community a good resource of this information and aid the different basketball and sport organizations with accurate information on how we can grow the sport and address issues ties to facilities.

We appreciate you taking the time to help us grow this database!

(Map will be updated within 48 hours of your submission)

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