REMINDER: The Winnipeg Team Mayhem Basketball Club has announced the dates and times for its 12th edition of its 2016 Summer Training Camp Sessions. We are offering up to 40+ sessions from Monday, June 1, 2016 - Friday, August 5, 2016 (times below).


Team Mayhem will now be offering access to the All Star Dr. Dish Shooting Machine to all campers participating in the Shooting Camp, and for the regular campers, in the shooting part of their sessions.

This camp is designed to prepare the camper for their upcoming spring basketball season, as well as the Team Manitoba Provincial Tryouts in May.

Important Information:
  • There are only 20 spots available for each session and registration is based on a first come first serve basis. If you wish to register your child, please email:
    • Coach Alex Barra (Director of Team Mayhem) or call at 204-582-3678 / 204-295-2006
  • Sessions will be held at Winakwa Community Centre - 980 Winakwa Rd.
  • All 3 hour Day Camp sessions are $40 each (Dates and times below)
  • All 2 hour Evening Shooting Camp sessions are $30 each (Dates and times below)


Camp Details:
  • Each session will have a dynamic warm-up and basketball specific conditioning component.
  • An hour of each session will have a rotation of drills to cover all aspects of the game of basketball, or shooting drills in the evening Shooting Camp.
  • All drills will have a physical component designed to focus on conditioning, strength, and balance.
  • As in all Mayhem programming, a high level of focus and effort level is expected.
  • For beginners, the sessions will teach concepts focusing on proper technique and willingness to try, rather than results.

The campers will use much of, if not all of the following equipment:
  1. Balance boards
  2. 6 inch hurdles
  3. 12 inch hurdles
  4. 30 foot agility Ladders
  5. Ankle tension bands
  6. Kettle bells
  7. 10 - weighted Men's basketballs
  8. 10 - weighted Women's basketballs
  9. Football Large Blocking pads for Post Play
  10. Cones and Pylons

Additional Information:

  • There are discounts if you wish to attend 5 sessions. Please contact the Director, Alex Barra at if you wish to discuss.
  • Camper can register for as many, or as few of the sessions they need.
  • Camper can do a combination of Day and Evening camps.

Team Mayhem Summer Training Sessions

  • Held at Valour Community Centre - 715 Telfer St. North
  • Regular Camp Sessions. Cost is $ 40 per session. (you may sign up for as many sessions as you would like)

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