By: Dr Dean Kriellaars & Sport for Life

These are a series of short videos (one to six minutes duration) designed to help you create a quality physical literacy experience for your participants in your practice or programs. Each video focuses on key components to assist you in understanding physical literacy and how it is important to consider in your programming implementation. Supplementary information and resources are provided after each video.
#1 Quality Physical Literacy Experiences
Creating a positive environment is essential for developing physical literacy. This entails creating the right physical space, the social setting and preparing suitable lesson plans.

Supplemental InformationCreating a Quality Physical Literacy Experience
Quality Physical Literacy Experiences
New Model for Intervention
Movement Preparation Guide

Additional ResourcesMovement Preparation Click here!
#2 Physical Literacy
This video briefly describes the essential features of physical literacy.

Supplemental Information
Physical Literacy is Crucial
IPLA Definition of PL

Additional Resources
Physical Literacy Consensus Statement Click here!

#3 Movement Vocabulary
This video describes how your “vocabulary” is a collection of movement skills which are a foundational element of physically literate people.

Supplemental Information 
FMS and Movement Vocabulary

Source: Steve Nash Youth Basketball Blog
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