Sport Manitoba recently hosted an information session on the topic of "How to be a High Performing Sport Parent".  The following videos were produced from the speakers at the session....

Sport Medicine Centre Physical Therapist Brian Buffie explains the importance of physical therapy, high performance assessments, and the full services of the Sport Medicine Centre.

Former Canada Games Athlete and Olympic Gold Medalist Janine Stephens shares her experience as an athlete, and offers some advice to parents on how they can best contribute to their children's athletic endeavors.

Former Canada Games coach Donna Harris explains the relationship between parents and coaches, and ways to help that relationship be successful.

Sport for Life Performance Centre Strength and Conditioning Coach Brent Lohmer, talks off-season training, high performance planning, fitness testing, weight training, and much more.

Jorie Janzen, Director of Sport Dietetics at Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba talks the importance of food in sport, do's and don't of sports nutrition, preparing for performance, and provides a "sportified" version of the Canada's Food Guide.  VIEW SPEAKER NOTES
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