Congratulations to all teams who won their respective Club Provincial Championship over the weekend!  Thanks to the 60 teams and over 650 players who took part in the 100 games played at the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba on May 7-10, 2015.

Club Basketball Provincial Championships

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The finalist and championship teams from the tournament were...

14U Male Champions - Junior Alliance

14U Male Finalists - Manitoba Rebels

14U Female Champions - Manitoba Magic

14U Female Finalists - Junior Bisons
15U Male Champions - Winnipeg Blizzards
15U Male Finalists - Junior Bisons
15U Female Champions - Manitoba Magic
15U Female Finalists - Winnipeg Fury

16U Male Champions - Winnipeg Blizzards
16U Male Finalists - Junior Bisons
16UA Female Champions - Manitoba Magic
16UA Female Finalists - Anishinabe Pride
16UB Female Champions - Thunder Bay Wolves
16UB Female Finalists - CP Pride 

17U Male Champions - Spartans
17U Male Finalists - Winnipeg Team Mayhem

17U Female Champions - Team Edge Elite
17U Female Finalists - Manitoba Spartans 
19U Male Champions - D.R.E.

19U Male Finalists - The Academy 

Club Basketball Provincial Championships

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