Basketball Manitoba is very excited to announce that the Toronto Raptors have made a significant contribution to the recently formed Basketball Manitoba Three Point Club with a donation of $20,000!  The donation was announced publicly at the recent Basketball Manitoba Awards held on Saturday April 18 at the Victoria Inn Hotel.  As part of the donation, the Raptors are being recognized as a founding member of the new charitable cause.  The contribution to the Three Point Club will be used to ensure as many players and coaches are given the opportunity to get and stay involved in the sport. The Three Point Club has been designed to raise funds to support members of Manitoba's Provincial Teams and Centre for Performance programs.

Basketball Manitoba is using the donated amount as a target for the basketball community as a whole to match the $20,000.  We need your help to ensure we can continue offering national calibre programming into the future!  100% of your donation will be used to offset the costs of participation for athletes who may not participate due to financial barriers.

The recently announced 'Female Coaching Grant' is also directly connected to the cause with a focus to get more young females involved in the coaching side of the game.   

Individuals, groups or corporate members of the community, which make a financial gift to the program will allow us to continue delivering a quality program to a wide demographic.  By joining the Three Point Club, you will be recognized on the Basketball Manitoba website and receive an official tax receipt to recognize your gift and know that 100% of your donation is going to help a child pursue their basketball dreams. 
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The Toronto Raptors have developed the following video that details their support of basketball in Canada which feature Manitoba Provincial Team Members Will Sesay, William Kohler and coach Dan Becker.  Basketball Manitoba is grateful to the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment for this tremendous level of support in Manitoba!


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