Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce a new incentive program for female basketball coaches seeking to improve their education in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).  This new initiative targets both existing or new female basketball coaches by providing financial support to a number of coaching grants to offset the costs of attending a future NCCP basketball coaches clinic in Manitoba.

Current Bison Women's basketball coach Michele Sung (Hynes) (pictured left) has attended a number of NCCP basketball courses in the past and greatly benefited her development as a coach.

The NCCP coaching programs are a great way to start introducing yourself to all facets that are involved with being a well rounded coach. The courses cover topics that will help you grow your knowledge in the sport and they give you the opportunity to be in a room with like-minded people for meaningful discussion & problem solving. Both the knowledge gained and the group of coaches you meet are resources that last long after the courses are done. 

Canada Basketball's Director of Domestic Development Dawn Smyth (pictured right) commented “This is a wonderful step and initiative for female coaches to get involved in coaching and coach education in Manitoba.  The NCCP education and courses are a career long gift on an exciting and dynamic pathway in coaching.  Programs like the Female NCCP Grant Program pave pathways for long term female involvement and in turn create more outstanding female coaching role models for our athletes.”

The one-time grant is open to any female, ages 16-30, in Manitoba who have never taken an NCCP basketball clinic in the past.  The one-time grant will cover the costs to attend a future NCCP basketball coaching clinic in Manitoba, up to $265 a person.

NCCP Coaches Clinics
To apply for one of the limited New Female Coaching Grants, please complete the information below and a Basketball Manitoba representative will be in contact with your shortly.  For more information on this initiative, please contact Adam Wedlake at Basketball Manitoba.

Learn more about the National Coaching Certification Program


In 2018, there are a maximum of 5 grants available to those eligible.  

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