Canada Basketball has announced that the Women’s High Performance Program will hold National Open Identification Sessions for athletes wishing to be seen by the women’s national team program and national coaches. The sessions are geared for athletes having international potential who are eligible for the 2015 Junior Women’s National Team (JWNT) and 2015 Development Women’s National Team (DWNT) programs.

Please note that this identification session is being added as an additional activity to the overall, currently existing, women’s national team talent identification system and process that is in place which includes assessment of athletes within national team program activities, national and/or provincial elite performance program activities, and tracking of athletes in schools and/or clubs.

One National Open Identification session will be held in Ontario and the other in British Columbia. Athletes are only required to attend one of the two sessions (see details below).

Eligibility Details:

Please note that to be eligible to participate in international competition for any Canadian women’s national teams, all athletes must be a Canadian citizen and that citizenship must be authorized by a valid Canadian passport.

2015 JWNT: 
Athletes eligible for the 2015 JWNT must be born in 1996 or later;

2015 DWNT:
17-25 years of age; see academic eligibility requirement below

2015 FISU (World University) Games Eligibility Rules for Athletes:
All competitors must satisfy the following conditions:

1. Be a Canadian citizen (Citizenship must be authorized by a valid Canadian passport).
2. For the sport of Basketball – be at least 17 and less than 25 years of age as of January 1st in the year of the event.
3. Be a student who is registered for and pursuing a full programme of study leading towards a degree or diploma at a post-secondary institution.

a. status must be authorized by a document from the registrar of the institution.
b. Post-secondary institutions include community colleges, professional schools, technical schools, C.E.G.E.P., and universities, in Canada or outside of Canada.
c. or Be a former student who has graduated from a post-secondary institution as a student in good
standing, in the year preceding the event.

*Graduation must be authorized by a document from the registrar of the institution.

Eligible athletes interested in participating in the 2015 WNTP ‘Open ID’ must pre-register.

Please complete the attached Registration and Insurance form and return via fax at 416.614.9570 or
electronically to no later than Tuesday, April 30, 2015 at 6:00pm.

Location #1:
East Coast
Goldring Centre, University of Toronto
100 Devonshire Place, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C9
Open ID Date: Friday, May 8, 2015
Times: 6:00-10:00pm


Location #2:
West Coast
Terry Fox Secondary School
1260 Riverwood Gate, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B 7Z5
Open ID Date: Saturday May 9, 2015
Times: 10am-2pm

Please note that all costs to attend and participate in the ‘Open ID session’ are the athletes’ responsibility.  Athletes are also responsible for their insurance to participate.

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