Basketball Manitoba is pleased to offer players and coaches in Manitoba the opportunity to vote for the All-Manitoba Teams, Players of the Year, Coaches of the Year, and apply for $6,300 in available grants, scholarships and donations.  These awards come as a partnership with Sport Manitoba, Manitoba Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, University of Manitoba, Balling for the Cure, Morris Glimcher, Lena Wenke and the family and friends of Alex Samaniego.   

Due to the ongoing global pandemic in Manitoba, the traditional in-person Basketball Manitoba Awards usually hosted in mid-April will not physically take place.  The "Players of the Year", "Coaches of the Year", "All-Manitoba Teams" and other similar awards usually presented at the BMA's will be announced the day of the traditional banquet which this year is Saturday, April 16, 2022.  The following Major Awards and Scholarship opportunities are also available as part of a modified Basketball Manitoba Awards with recipients announced the same day.  

Basketball Manitoba will be hosting the four Graduating All-Star Games on the afternoon of Saturday, April 16, 2022, at the Sport Manitoba Courts (aka Canada Games Sport for Life Centre) for the A-AAA and AAAA levels.  All games will be live-streamed as only a limited amount of spectator space is available in the facility.  Games times and the All-Star rosters will be announced when the All-Star rosters are announced in early April.  

The deadline to vote and apply for these opportunities is Monday, March 21, 2022.


AVAILABLE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS (P = Players; C = Coaches; M = Managers)
* Application requires a current copy of your high school transcript 
** Application requires a letter of support from your basketball coach
*** Application requires the endorsement of two other coaches in the basketball community  
  • P - Carl Ridd Award - 2 x $500.00 Scholarships * / **
    • Recognizes a Grade 12 basketball player who excels on the court, classroom and in the community.
  • P - Ron Meyers Leadership Award - 2 x $500.00 Scholarships * / **
      • Recognizes a Grade 12 basketball player who excels in the community, on the court and classroom.
    • P - Donovan Gayle Scholarship - 2 x $500.00 Scholarships **
      • Recognizing a Grade 12 basketball player who best meets the qualities of perseverance, determination and resilience that Donovan set as a leader in our community. 
    • P - Alex Samaniego Memorial Scholarship - 2 x $500.00 Scholarships **
      • Recognizes a Grade 12 basketball player who exudes a passion, commitment and a positive attitude towards the sport of basketball.  
    • P - Lena Wenke Courage Award - 1 x $500.00 donation to the recipient's charity of choice **
      • Recognizes a Grade 12 basketball player who has faced and overcome obstacles or challenges in their life while staying involved in the sport of basketball.
    • C - Jim Bulloch Coaching Award - 1 x $800.00 Scholarship ***
      • Recognizes a newer Manitoba basketball coach with solid potential as a long-term leader in our sport.  
    • M - Morris Glimcher Student Manager Scholarship - 1 x $1000.00 Scholarship **
      • Recognizes a grade 12 student in Manitoba in the role of a "Varsity Basketball Team Student Manager".
    2022 TOTAL AVAILABLE = $6,300.00

    Additional scholarships offered by Sport Manitoba can be found at


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