By: Nick Martin

High school varsity sports will officially recognize -- and hope to accommodate -- transgender student athletes as early as next fall.  A policy goes before the Manitoba High Schools Athletics Association Feb. 3, which would allow transgender students to pick the gender in which they would compete, said executive director Morris Glimcher.  There's no immediate issue or person prompting the policy, said Glimcher -- the goal is "to give them an opportunity to participate in a minimally stigmatized way."
"It's an issue (where) everyone's trying to be proactive, not running around 'What do we do? What do we do?' " should a transgender athlete come forward, Glimcher said.
The proposed policy will say "We recognize the gender that the student identifies with, and (the student) would be able to play for that gender," he said.

"Will it satisfy everybody? Probably not," Glimcher said.

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