Many thanks to all 28 teams for supporting NABA Winter Blitz tournament this pass weekend at St. James Collegiate. Special thanks to the Regina and Thompson Teams who came out as well.

NABA fundraising will support all the teams headed to Windsor, ON for the 28th annual NABA Tournament during the Labor Day Long weekend. Proceeds from hosting local tournaments go towards gym fees, uniforms, registration fees. Therefore thanks to the teams and there fans for
coming out.

Congratulations to all the teams...

  • 2000: JR Bison Blk 1st - JR Alliance Blk 2nd
  • 2001: Wpg Legacy 1st - JR AllianceBlk 2nd
  • 2002: JR Bisons Blk 1st - Wpg Spirits 2nd
  • 2003: Wpg Spirits 1st - JR Bisons wht 2nd
  • 2000/01 girls: Wpg Fury 1st - Regina Storm 2nd

Hope to see you all again at our May Spring Fling Tournament. May 29-31, 2015 for more details email: or

Junior Bison 2000 

Winnipeg Legacy 2001

Winnipeg Spirit 2003

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