The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association passed a Transfer Rule at its June 2014 Annual General Meeting.  As part of the education around this new rule, they have posted a new Frequently Asked Questions on their website.

The rule states that students currently enrolled in grade 10 (2014-2015), would have to sit out a school year (sport season) if they transferred schools after that time and wanted to play that sport.  If a student did not play a high school sport in the current school year, then they would be allowed to play that sport in the new school (2015-2016).  If they played a sport in the preceding year, then they would have to sit out the next high school season in that sport.

For example, if a student played basketball for school A in grade 10 (2014-2015), then transferred to school B for grade 11 (2015-2016), then that student would not be eligible to play basketball for school B unless an appeal was approved.  If they didn't play basketball at school A, they could play basketball at school B.

An appeal process would be in place to review extenuating circumstances.

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