The Winnipeg based NABA teams headed south to Chicago for the annual North American Basketball Association tournament.  Overall the tournament was exciting and a great experience for all, players, fans and families who came out to support.  Over 133 teams from USA, Canada and UK trained hard to battle the best of teams and only one winner can take it home.  Congratulations to the Winnipeg Peewee team who was able to do just that all the others who came so close to it. 

Mosquitoe Division 8 years old and under Champ Washington DC - Finalist Bolingbrook IL

Our Mosquitoes team formed because they were siblings of other bball players of older division, found themselves playing 4 games  from 9 teams overall during the weekend.  These little ballers are ones to look out for in the future.

Tykes Division  9-10 years old division Champs Los Angeles - Finalist Glendale Heights

Tykes division had 12 teams battling it out for the trophy.  They played 5 games against quite talented boys and girls.

Peewee Division 11- 12 years old division Champs Winnipeg finalist Washington DC

Peewee our Champs undefeated til the end.  Beating Virginia by 16 points in their first game, then beat Glendale Hts, Markham, and Toronto to come to finals against Washington DC.  The crowd going wild both teams fans cheering the teams on.  It was a battle of cheers at one point, it was close game but Winnipeg took the gold 30-26 final score. Undefeated amongst 16 teams.

Damsels Division 13 Under girls.  Champs Washington DC - finalist Chicago

Wow these girls have talent playing 3 games they did not give up.  They were determined to finish strong no matter how tough and bigger the other teams were.

Bantam Division 14 Under Boyz.  Champs Los Angeles - finalist Brampton

The largest division, our boys had it tough amongst 18 other teams.  Our boys also put up a good games.

Girls Division 16 Under.  Champs Chicago, finalist Washington DC

Junior Division 16 Under boys, 14 teams total Champs Los Angeles, Finalist Markham

Juvenile Division 19 Under division, 11 teams total Champs Washington DC, finalist Chicago

Juvenile boys had exceptional talent coached by Angel Brana.  They beat Montreal defending champs from 2013 but came short to quarter finals.  They are 4th out of the 11 very talented young men across North America and UK.

Ladies Open Division, Champs Glendale Heights, finalist Toronto.

Starting so well against Washington DC and Queens Long Island came 4th in there division.

Open Mens Division, 14 teams total, Champs Jersey Shore, finalist Glendale Heights

Senior 35 over Mens division, 10 teams total, Champs Washington DC, finalist Glendale Heights team 2

Master Division 45 years older, 11 teams total.  Champs Chicago, finalist Los Angeles

Winnipeg Masters team had it tough from the beginning first game against Chicago, then played New York Sipag which consist of ex-PBA players from the Philippines.  Players say that they played against an x-PBA player which is a great opportunity for them.

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