By: Alan Stein

The main reason Drew Hanlen and I founded the D1 Experience Camp was to create a platform to share exactly what it takes to play college basketball.  At each camp we talk about college level concepts and players do college level drills. It’s for serious players.

After all, playing college basketball is like a giant game of Musical Chairs – there are a lot more people (aspiring high school age players) than there are chairs (spots on college rosters)!  We encourage players to find ways to separate themselves to increase their chances of getting a ‘chair.’ We challenge them to join the 1% Club (develop the positive habits that 99% of people don’t have).

The first step to playing college basketball is working on your craft. It’s being relentless in your development.  It’s about becoming the best player you are capable of. You do that by building your game like a pyramid, from the ground up… brick by brick. Playing college basketball is an outcome goal.  To get there, you need to focus on the process.

Both Drew and I fulfilled our dreams and had the opportunity to play college basketball. Drew was a standout player and had a tremendous career at Belmont University.  I rode the bench at Elon College (now Elon University). I’ll save my college basketball roller coaster for another blog!

Here is some advice for aspiring college basketball players:

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