Basketball Manitoba and Bracket Blitz Gaming are pleased to announce that the next NBA 2K14 video game event will be run in conjunction with the Hoop It Up 3x3 basketball tournament on June 28-29 at Garden City Shopping Centre in Winnipeg.  The NBA 2K14 tournament is a video game tournament for basketball lovers being put on during the NBA Hoop It Up 3 on 3 tournament. The purpose of the event is to provide participants of the Hoop It Up with an extracurricular activity they can get involved in, between games. It's a series of single elimination, NCAA style NBA 2K14 tournament bracket.

Entry is only $5 per person with money received after covering costs going to KidSport.  The event will work with Winnipeg Harvest to collect good for their cause.  Top prize will receive a copy of the NBA 2K14 game and a pair of custom controllers as well as some other basketball related prizes.

Bracket Blitz Gaming
NBA 2K14 tournament

Date: June 28-29, 2014
Place: Garden City Shopping Centre, 2305 McPhillips Street, Centre Court Mall
Cost: $5 per person
Tournament Format: 1v1, NCAA style, Single Elimination

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