Westman Basketball Camps have announced their return to Brandon this summer and will be targeting boys and girls entering grades 4-12.  The camps will run the week of July 7-10 at Crocus Plains Regional at a cost of $100 per person.  Leading the camp will be Don Thomson, this year's Basketball Manitoba Awards Open Coach of the Year winner and Manitoba Bronze Medal winning Canada Games Coach from 2013.  Full information on the camp can be found at...


Youth Camp - This Co-ed  camp is open for students entering into grades 4, 5, 6 and 7.  2K14.  Youth Camp will teach Fundamentals and enhance skill development through series of instructional situations. Campers will also participate in Team Play and take part in several live games through out the week. (30 participant max)

Junior Camp - These separate Boys and Girls Camps are open for students entering into grades 9 and 10. The Junior 2K14 Camps will teach Fundamentals and enhance skill development through series of instructional situations. This Camp will introduce athletes to team offensive and defensive concepts while practising these skills in  various game situations. (24 maximum player / session)

Senior Camp—The Senior 2K14 Camp will be split into a  Senior Girls Session and a Senior Boys Session. Emphasis on this camp is focused on the Offensive and Defensive techniques and skills of the game. Special emphasis will be placed on the team concepts of Motion and Transition offense and man to man defense. Each athlete will receive the individual and position specific fundamentals that they require to compete at a higher level. (Boys 24 participant Max and Girls 24 participant Max)

Youth - athletes entering into Grades 4, 5, 6,and 7
Junior - athletes entering into Grades 8, 9 & 10
Senior - athletes entering into Grades 11 & 12

Times: All sessions run Monday to Thursday 
  • Youth  - 9am - 11:00am
  • Junior: Girls 11:00am - 1pm 
  •            Boys 1pm - 3:00pm
  • Senior: Girls 3:00— 5:00pm 
  •             Boys 5pm - 7pm

Cost: $100 Per participant (includes 2K14 Shirt) 
Payable to Westman Basketball

Camp Location:  
Crocus Plains Regional SS - 1930  1st Street - MAP BELOW
What You Get!
  • All athletes receive a 2K14 Hoops T-Shirt 
  • Learn the fundamentals of the game
  • Learn to be competitive
  • Work with great Westman coaches and athletes 

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