By Marion Alexander, PhD. and Julie Hayward, B.Kin CAT(C)

The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the ShotLoc shooting device in improving the shooting technique of young elite basketball players. Eighty male and female adolescent basketball players recruited from Basketball Manitoba’s Elite Player Development Provincial Team Program were videotaped shooting three free throws and then scored on the number of free throw shots made out of thirty.  A number of shooting variables were measured from the video tape, including wrist flexion, elbow extension, shoulder flexion and trunk extension. As well, the amount of contact of the palm with the ball was estimated for all players.  The players were then randomly assigned to the control group that performed regular shooting practice, or the experimental group that practiced using the ShotLoc. Participants were randomly assigned a tracking number; even numbered participants were assigned to the control group and odd numbered participants to the experimental group. All participants participated in four 20 minute shooting practice sessions on a weekly basis; the experimental group wore the ShotLoc training tool for all of these practices. All players were then videotaped and scored on the number of free throw shots following the training period.  Statistical analysis of free throw percentage in this study showed a 6.6% increase in those participants who were trained with the ShotLoc during the training period.  The control group suffered a .6% decrease in shooting percentage during the training period. None of the film variables were found to be significantly different between groups, except wrist flexion that increased in the control group following the intervention.  It was suggested that the ShotLoc shooting aid could improve free throw shooting percentage following practice using the device.  


Sport Biomechanics Laboratory
Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
University of Manitoba
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