By: Kyle Ohman

In the off-season, it’s important to maximize your time in the gym. A well-planned off-season basketball workout program will give you the chance to fine-tune your individual skills when you’re not busy with practices and games.

Here are four tips for creating your own off-season basketball workout. You’ll want to customize it according to your position on the team, so I’ve included some sample workouts at the end.

1. Determine your strengths, weaknesses and goals
Think about what you want to accomplish. Do you want to be a better shooter or a better defensive player? Write down some goals that will get you there. An example of a good short-term goal would be, “Become a better finisher at the basket.” A long-term goal might be, “Lead the team in scoring this upcoming season.”

List your strengths and weaknesses. Determine what weaknesses you need to cure to reach your goals.

2. Break down your goals into tasks
If one of your goals is to become a better shooter, maybe the task is, “Do 20 minutes of basketball shooting drills four times a week.” Whatever you write, make sure it is challenging but also realistic. Don’t write, “Shoot for five hours a day.”

3. Value your gym time
This is harder for younger players, but it is really important. When you go to the gym for your basketball training, make sure you are there to work and get better. Don’t let hanging out and goofing around with your friends keep you from accomplishing your goals. It’s OK to hang out after you have completed your training, but before that, be all business.

Find a teammate or friend who will train with you and encourage you to get better. A great partner will encourage you to work out even on days when you don’t feel like it.

4. Stay consistent
Starting something is easy. The challenge comes from staying consistent. You will have days when you don’t feel like going to the gym or working hard, and what you do on these days will define your off-season. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and letting your body rest— it’s actually a good thing. But don’t allow yourself to skip a day simply because you don’t feel like working. Challenge yourself to be your best every day.

Sample off-season basketball workouts plans
Here are a couple of generic training plans to give you an idea of what a good workout should look like. Each of these workouts is only an hour long. This is intentional. You will be going at game speed the whole time. To get the most out of a workout, you need to go at game speed.

Off-Season Basketball Workout for Guards
  1. Basketball dribbling drills - 10 min.
  2. Dynamic stretching – 5 min.
  3. Finish at the rim basketball drills - 15 min.
  4. Work on a weakness – 15 min.
  5. Basketball shooting drills - 15 min.
Off-Season Basketball Workout for Forwards and Centers
  1. Footwork & agility drills - 15 min.
  2. Dynamic stretching – 5 min.
  3. Basketball post move drills - 15 min.
  4. Work on a weakness – 15 min.
  5. Mid-range face up drills and shooting drills – 15 min.
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