The MHSAA has released the Notices of Motion as of April 24, that will be raised and voted on at its Annual General Meeting later this June in Russell, MB.  Motions that have been put forward that have a connection to high school basketball include a new Transfer Policy and Provincial Championships at the 'A' and 'AA' levels.  Read the details at...

Motion 6:

WHEREAS: The MHSAA membership, at its 2014 Annual General Meeting discussed option of different Provincial Championship formats for “A” and “AA” Provincial Championships,

AND WHEREAS: the membership instructed the Board to further develop this concept,

BE IT RESOLVED:  that a Regional Championship comprised of 4 distinct locations be set up for qualifying for Provincial Championships in the “A” and “AA” categories, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the teams would be assigned in the four distinct locations based on Provincial rankings.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: that the host and Northern rep (Zone 11 ) would be given automatic entry into the Provincial Championship (due to geographic issues)

Moved by Board of Directors.

NOTE: It is anticipated that these regional would incur an extra cost (referees, hosting) and this would be charged to the teams in the amount of approximately $100.00 per team


Motion 7:

WHEREAS: there is a continuing trend of students transferring schools solely for athletic purposes, especially for their Grade 12 year.

AND WHEREAS: this has the potential to create an uneven competitive balance.

BE IT RESOLVED: that the MHSAA adopt a Transfer Policy whereby students who transfer schools after their Grade 10 school year, will be ineligible for athletic purposes, in a high school sport that they played the previous school year.

BE IT RESOLVED: that this commence in the 2015-2016 school year.

RATIONALE: Currently, almost all Provinces and States have a transfer rule. With the rise of club programs, more students are being encouraged by friends, families, or coaches to transfer schools to have the potential of winning a Provincial Championship. This has the potential of displacing current students in that school, and may also have the potential to “stack” teams.

An Appeals Committee would be established to adjudicate transfer appeals. The Appeal Committee would have representation from superintendents and principals.  Some examples of where transfer appeals could be approved include families physically moving residences, internal school issues, CFS guardianship issues, etc.

Moved by MHSAA Board of Directors


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