The much-anticipated feature documentary ‘Nash-The Movie’ about 8-time NBA All-Star and two time MVP Steve made its theatrical debut and is now available across Canada on all digital platforms including iTunes and Video On Demand.

The creative genius of director Michael Hamilton (Crunchtime Films) has resulted in a compelling film that delves deep into Steve Nash’s many personas: Athlete, Philanthropist, Family Man and NBA Legend.  During filming, Hamilton was given unprecedented access to high profile Nash fans, from President Barack Obama to actors Owen Wilson and Andy Garcia. Also weighing on one of the NBA’s most prolific players are Oscar-winning director Ron Howard and fellow athletes such as NBA champion Kobe Bryant and NBA All-Star Yao Ming.


In the film, Hamilton grants fans a 360-degree look into Steve Nash’s public persona as well as his private life, giving then a glimpse of what drives one of the country’s most influential people, both on-and-off the court. The story of Nash’s life, career and his innate drive to continue to succeed in all avenues of his life will inspire viewers to examine the perceived limitations and driving forces in their own lives.

Hamilton, known for his acclaimed documentary series ‘The Journey’, which chronicled the success of some of North America’s high profile athletes on their way to the Major Leagues, along with his versatile background in spearheading more than 20+ sports documentaries, television series, specials and feature films over a span of 15 years, Hamilton weaves a narrative on Nash that captivates the audience from the first frame to the end credits.

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