The Coaching Manitoba IMPACT Awards presented by Manitoba Liquor  & Lotteries aim to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements and significant contributions coaches have made to their athletes and their sport through coaching.

The award does not reflect the accomplishments and contributions of a coach in any one year, rather the awards are designed to acknowledge the contributions a coach has made to his/her sport and athletes over a number of years.

The 2014 Coaching Manitoba IMPACT Awards presented by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries were held April 6th at McPhillips Station Casino.

Long–Standing Basketball Coaches (minimum 25 years) 

Barb Colter had coached everything at Deloraine collegiate for 4 years: track, badminton,
volleyball, basketball, then transferred to Crocus Plains High School where she became heavily
involved in the Girls basketball program for the next 23 years, along with some volleyball,
badminton, track, spring basketball programs, and golf.

Manfred Glor has greatly contributed to Linden Christian's athletic program over the past 15+
years. He has coached both basketball and volleyball teams at many levels and has led the J-V
and Varsity teams to a number of Zone championships and trips to the AAA finals. He coached
the girls Varsity basketball team to a AAA provincial championship last year. He pours many
extra hours into the lives of the students.

Nick Janzen has played a pivotal role in the development of the athletics program at Linden
Christian School, not only as a coach for over 20 years, but also as the Athletic Director. He
does an exceptional job of building a team-first attitude among his players, and also has mentored many of the high school students/graduates in becoming coaches for the younger

Carey Lasuik was the Head Basketball coach at Daniel McIntyre Collegiate for 19 years. He led
this program to numerous MHSAA Provincial appearances. He also coached competitive
softball including Head Coach at the 2001 Canada Games in London, Ontario. After leaving
Winnipeg, Carey joined the Neelin High School Boys program where he has been a valuable
asset. Carey has also organized various Run, Jump and Throw events with many grass roots

Tanya McKay is in the business of producing model citizens in her role at the University of
Winnipeg. Tanya was a very successful and decorated athlete who is committed to excellence
and in her 25 years as a coach has made it a priority to have her athletes strive for that
excellence not only on the court but also in everything they do. Her teams have been very
successful, winning four CIS medals and competing well with the top teams every year.

Jody Williams is a coach who does a great job connecting with students and parents. Jody
takes interest in all students to strive to their highest potential.


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