REMINDER: Coaching Manitoba has announced that Long Term Athlete Development Architects Istvan Balyi and Richard Way will be in Winnipeg on Tuesday April 15 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm at the Sport for Life Centre with a special presentation on Canadian Sport for Life & Coaching in Canada.  The session is open to any basketball coach to attend at no cost.  For info and to register...

Sport Manitoba’s Coaching Advisory Council & Coaching Manitoba Present: 

What – Canadian Sport for Life and the changes to Coaching in Canada

When –  Tuesday, April 15th, 2014  

Time – 5 pm – 8 pm

Where – Sport Manitoba Hall of Fame – Sport for Life Centre 145 Pacific Avenue

The paradigm shift in Canadian Coaching:

  • Change, constant change
  • Long-Term Athlete Development, (LTAD)
  • Contemporary periodization
  • Periodization for the pubertal athlete?
  • Taper and peak
  • Hormones and female athletes
  • Competition paradigm
  • Warm up and stretching
  • Speed training all year long?
  • Prehab versus Rehab?
  • Sustenance
  • a. Nutrition – hydration
  • b. Recovery and regeneration
  • c. Sleep
  • Mental fitness for stages of LTAD
  • Ancillary capacities
  • Parents education

Workshop  Facilitators

Richard Way

Richard is an architect of Canadian Sport for Life and the Long-Term Athlete Development framework. As Senior Leader for the CS4L Leadership Team, he’s provided development guidance to 56 National Sport Organizations in Canada. Internationally, he is the President of the International Sport for Life Society , serves on the faculty of the Institute for Global Studies at the University of Delaware, and has worked in numerous countries around the world. Richard was the Director of Sport for Vancouver’s successful 2010 Bid Corporation, a former commission member of the International Luge Federation, and former executive of the Canadian Luge Association. Richard recently co-authored a book on Long-Term Athlete Development for Human Kinetics.

Istvan Balyi

Istvan is an architect of the Long-Term Athlete Development framework and is a Planning and Periodization expert on which he’s published over 75 articles and chapters. His series on Long-Term Athlete Development and periodization have both been published in Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Within Canada, Istvan has worked with 17 different National Teams as a high performance advisor and planning and periodization consultant. Istvan is a national and national Long-Term Athlete Development advisor. Internationally, he has lead program development in the United States, South Africa, England, Ireland, Sweden and the Bahrain.

To register please contact Greg Guenther at 204-925-5669 or Sheldon Reynolds at 204-925-5913 or submit information below to
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