TICKETS GOING FAST:  Dakota Collegiate has announced that it will be hosting a special fundraising event on Thursday April 24 at the CanadaInns Polo Park that will feature Coach Ken Carter as the keynote speaker.  Coach Coach Ken Carter is the Dean/Headmaster behind the 'Coach Carter Impact Academy' and the Carter Brand.  He has been coaching for well over 15 years. Throughout his life and tenure as a Coach he has inspired and guided numerous young men to strive for success. His “no non-sense” approach to getting things done is the force that has enabled him to have the tremendous positive influence that he currently possesses.

Coach Carter had oversight of Richmond High School’s basketball program from 1997 – 2002, and made news when he locked out his undefeated Varsity basketball team in order to push them to improve their grades.

This eventually led to Paramount making a movie in 2005, about Coach Carter’s motivation and struggles, to better the lives of his players. It is entitled, “Coach Carter” and stars award winning actor Samuel L. Jackson.

For more information on the event including accessing tickets, CLICK HERE

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