2013-Hoops-For-Hope-Logo.pngLinden Christian School hosted another successful Hoops For Hope basketball tournament at Linden Christian School this past weekend. Funds raised at this tournament have improved the lives of young athletes and students at schools in Zambia and Rwanda. This year's tournament will make possible the sponsorship of a new school in the community!

Hoops for Hope Tournament

  • Linden Christian 73 St. Maurice 58 [Semi-Final]
  • Shaftesbury 79 RD Parker (Thompson) 44 [Semi-Final]
  • Sanford 60 Elmwood 44 [Consolation Semi-Final]
  • Northlands Parkway 59 WC Miller 36 [Consolation Semi-Final]
  • Elmwood 68 WC Miller 44 [7th Place]
  • Sanford 82 Northlands Parkway 71 [Consolation Final]
  • St. Maurice 69 RD Parker 52 [Third Place]
  • Shaftesbury 76 Linden Christian 70 [Championship Final]

Most important though, the event was able to raise over $3000 - all of which will be headed to Africa with Kickballs for Kids!

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