TORONTO, ON - Canada Basketball has announced details on its female age-group assessment camps to be held this March. The athletes invited to these camps must be born between 1998 and 2000 inclusive.  Included in the list of invites are a number of young females from Manitoba including Skylar Nowrang, Aina Ramos, Raizel Guinto, Niyah Becker and Tania Wallack.  Manitoba female coaches invited to work the camp include Michele Hynes and Amey Ogidan.  VIEW INVITE PHOTO SHEET

The purpose of the camps will be to assess these athletes for the future U17 and U19 teams. The next U16-U17 cycle includes the FIBA America U16 Championship in 2015, while the next U18-U19 cycle includes the FIBA America U18 Championship in 2016. Athletes and coaches from each province have also been invited to attend.

In addition to the athlete development pillar at this camp, there will be a women’s high performance coaching development pillar. This will focus on the professional development of coaches and technical leaders with the objective that they integrate what they learn at camp towards the development of world class athletes in their communities.

"We are excited to hold these camps as part of our overall strategy to provide national leadership and impact athlete development at younger ages in our women's podium pathway,” said Denise Dignard, Director-Women’s High Performance. “As well as to contribute to the professional development of women's basketball coaches and technical leaders across the country.”

She continued, “Our provincial basketball associations and all those involved in women's basketball across the country play an important role in the podium pathway. We look forward to the continued support of our stakeholders and their commitment to building systems in their regions that focus on long-term development which will consistently produce world-class athletes for the international level and towards podium results for our women's national teams at Olympic games."

The Eastern Canada Assessment Camp will be held from Friday March 7th to Monday March 10th at Académie les Estacades in Trois Rivières, QC. This camp will include athletes from Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Western Canada Assessment Camp will be held from Friday March 28th to Monday March 31st at the Saville Centre in Edmonton, AB. This camp will include athletes from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

The athletes and coaches invited to the Western Canada Assessment Camp are: 

Name  YOB  Home Province 

  1. Taylor Kleysen  1999  Winnipeg, MB
  2. Skylar Nowrang  1999  Winnipeg, MB
  3. Aina Ramos  1999  Winnipeg, MB 
  4. Raizel Guinto  1999  Winnipeg, MB
  5. Niyah Becker  2000    Winnipeg, MB
  6. Chiso Ufondu  1998  Calgary, AB 
  7. Summer Maskewich  2000  Calgary, AB 
  8. Isabel Rattai  2000  Cypress County, AB 
  9. Marcie Schlick  1998  Prince George, BC 
  10. Jessica Wolpert  1999  Coquitlam, BC 
  11. Monika Curtis  1999  West Kelowna, BC 
  12. Kiara Gaspari  2000  Kelowna, BC 
  13. Gabrielle Laguerta  1998  Burnaby, BC 
  14. Taya Hanson  2000  Kelowna, BC 
  15. Nicole Hart  1998  Kelowna, BC 
  16. Courtney Donaldson  1999  Kelowna, BC 
  17. Jacey Bailey  1998   Burnaby, BC 
  18. Macaela Crone  1999  Moose Jaw, SK
  19. Emily Dewey  1999  Regina, SK 
  20. Lauryn Prokop  1999  Saskatoon, SK
  21. Ella Johnson  1999  Saskatoon, SK 

          Lead Coaches 
          • Michele Hynes (Winnipeg, MB)    
          • Dani Sinclair   (Victoria, BC) 
          • Erin McAlennan   (Lethbridge, AB)  

          Guest Coaches 

          • Amey Ogiden  (Winnipeg, MB) 
          • Dan Becker  (Winnipeg, MB) 
          • Katherine Adams  (Calgary, AB)
          • Kevin Duffie  (Halifax, NS) 
          • Jill Humbert  (Saskatoon, SK) 
          • Paul Humbert  (Saskatoon, SK) 
          • Claire Meadows  (Lethbridge,AB) 
          • Megan Pinske  (Edmonton, AB) 
          • Carrie Watts  (Vancouver, BC) 
          • Emily Wright  (Vancouver, BC) 
          • Donna Branch   (Lethbridge, AB) 
          • Ross Tomlinson  (Langley, BC)

          The athletes and coaches invited to the Eastern Canada Assessment Camp are:

          Name YOB Hometown

          1. Ariel Provo  1999  Lake Echo, NS 
          2. Sarah Hiscock  1999  Mount Pearl, NL 
          3. Reese Baxendale  1999  Apohaqui, NB 
          4. Jenna Mae Ellsworth  1998  Charlottetown, PEI 
          5. Myriam Leclerc  1998  St-Roch-de-Richelieu, QC 
          6. Tatiana Toledo  1998  Blainville, QC 
          7. Jael Kabunda  1998  Montreal, QC 
          8. Shiannah George-McDonald  1999  Sainte-Genevieve, QC 
          9. Taisha Exanor  1999  Montreal, QC
          10. Brenda Boakye  1999  Montreal, QC 
          11. Shamira Plunkett  1999  Montreal, QC 
          12. Roxane Makolo  2000  St-Hubert, QC 
          13. Alexa Neal  2000  Mercier, QC 
          14. Jenny Alexis  2000  Montreal, QC 
          15. Alexandra Harris-Roberge  2000  Montreal, QC
          16. Paul-Beline Ibata  2000  Montreal, QC
          17. Coralie Dumont  1997  Boucherville, QC 
          18. Julan McDonald  1998  Scarborough, ON 
          19. Carmen Handy  1999  Sarnia, ON 
          20. Alyssa Jerome  1999  Toronto, ON 
          21. Sarah Donavan  1999  London, ON 
          22. Michelle Istead  1999  Ottawa, ON 
          23. Aiden Rainford  1999  Toronto, ON 
          24. Shaina Pellington  1999  Pickering, ON 
          25. Paulla Weekes  2000  Toronto, ON 
          26. Anika Weekes  2000  Toronto, ON 
          27. Emma Holloway  2000  Smithville, ON 
          28. Aliyah Lawson  1998  Whitby, ON 
          29. Nyamuoch Teny  1998  Kitchener, ON 
          30. Veronika Lavergne  1998  Cumberland, ON 
          31. Kendra VanLeuuwen  1998  Brantford, ON 
          32. Mikaela Brewer  1998  Barrie, ON 

          Guest Coaches 

          • Jeannette Byrne   (St. John’s, NL)
          • Tracey Ellsworth   (Charlottetown, PEI) 
          • Harry Lamere   (Montreal, QC) 
          • Dave Laroche   (Quebec, QC) 
          • Darnell Mclellan    (Halifax, NS) 
          • Miah Ahn Nyugen   (Montreal, QC) 
          • Neil Smith   (Moncton, NB) 
          • Ryan Thorne   (Montreal, QC) 
          • Ruby Viray   (Montreal, QC) 
          • Isabelle Chiasson   (Longueuil, QC) 
          • Marianne Boisvert-Grondin   (Sherbrooke, QC) 

          Lead Coaches 

          • Agnes Borg    (Toronto, ON) 
          • Nate McKibbon (Hamilton, ON)    
          • Christa Enjojukan (Ajax, ON) 

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