Club Name: Winnipeg Blizzards
Club Location: Winnipeg
Club Contact: Victor Santoyo
Email Address:
Club Website
Genders Offered: Male & Female
Age Divisions Offered: Ages 11-18
Club Overview:

We are a basketball club team from Winnipeg, Canada. Our club is a non-profit based basketball program aimed to grow the sport through volunteerism.

The Winnipeg Blizzards Basketball Club was co-founded by Ruel Maranan and his close friends to provide, organize a basketball team clubs for their own children in a less expensive approach. The families and friends who wish to join the club do not need to go to try out, they gather players to invite and family/friends referrals. There is no registration cost involved in joining the club team, fees and other expenses like uniforms, gyms, tournament & league fees are divided into their respective division/teams.  Basketball fundamentals and coaching is being led by Head Coach Ruel Maranan, but most of the time being handled by volunteer Coach/Parents.

The club offers several divisions for minor basketball players from ages 11 up to ages 17.
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