You can now view all 5+ hours from the Seven Oaks School Division 'Basketball Coach School' filmed on December 2, 2013 in partnership with Seven Oaks School Division at the North Centennial Recreation Centre in Winnipeg.  The free coaches clinic was hosted by Ross Wedlake and Dan Becker of Basketball Manitoba and was one of 8 others hosted this fall as part of the new service which began last year.  The video is split into 3 parts and followed the provided clinic notes below.  The clinic is geared to new coaches working at the community club and middle school levels of the game.

The videos have been added to the ever growing All-Access Video Series which gives you exclusive access to a number of basketball clinics and practices from some of Manitoba's top basketball coaches.  The clinic is presented to you in real time from start to finish to provide insight for new ideas and coaching techniques for your program.

Resources Provided at the Coach School Clinic

BONUS VIDEO - Pembina Trails SD Coach School Clinic - December 2012

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