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In the past two writings, we have looked at two sides of the gymnasiums where we all play. First, we looked at the increasing difficulties and costs associated with booking gyms in Winnipeg and then the advantages and disadvantages of the surfaces being installed in these gyms. Most of the feedback I have received on these two columns has been positive. In the third and final installment in this series we will look at those using the gyms on weekends and evenings.

It has been said many times that with every right there goes responsibility. Hoops feels that this is definitely the case here. Unfortunately, this is something that often gets overlooked. It may be our right to have access to the gymnasiums in our communities, but let us not forget our responsibilities in this area. So, let's make a list of the responsibilities of the users - you and I:

  • we will leave the facility in good shape with only a limited amount of garbage left around - how often do we see stands littered with used coffee cups after games?
  • we will clear the bench areas of litter
  • we will check all locker rooms before leaving - any damage should be reported and most trash removed
  • we will restrict people (players and fans) to the gym area and not allow anyone to wander elsewhere in the school
  • we will deal with excessive noise and any disruptive behaviour in a timely manner, both inside the gym and in the hallways
  • we will ensure that all school division rules are followed - all Manitoba schools are smoke free  
  • we will ensure that the gym is totally clear of people no later than the time specified on the permit - be sure that the start and end times are realistic and account for ample warm-ups and longer than normal games including overtimes
  • we will introduce ourselves to the person in charge (caretaker or supervisor) and maintain good communication with that person

I may have missed some - feel free to comment and add any others. It is Hoops opinion that, if we want to have greater and easier access to the gymnasiums we need to run our practices and games, we have to take our roles more seriously and ensure that we do not do anything to jeopardize use by us or others.

We welcome your comments on this topic by posting them below!  Basketball Manitoba welcomes submissions from the basketball community to its website.  If you would like to become a regular contributor, please contact our webmaster.  
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