Drew Hanlen of Pure Sweat Basketball is one of the most respected skill teachers in the game today. Recently he posted a series of tweets concerning shooting mechanics that can help any shooter and I thought it would be a good idea to share them.

Shooting Tip #1: It is more important that your shooting elbow & shoulder are squared to the rim than your  feet. Straight line at the rim!

Shooting Tip #2: You must have your wrist wrinkled under the ball before you lift & shoot your shot if you want to impart proper backspin!

Shooting Tip #3: “Up and over” the rim every time. 78% of missed shots last season in the NBA were missed short. Give it a chance to go in!

Shooting Tip #4: Catch, lift, and shoot. Don’t circle. If you dip, keep ball on strong-side. The simpler the shot, the more consistent it is!

Shooting Tip #5: If you dip the ball (Ex: Ray Allen) keep your wrist wrinkled throughout the dip & keep your knee bend to a minimum to quicken your shot!

Shooting Tip #6: When you release, finish with your pointer finger at the rim & your shooting elbow at or above eyebrow level. Up not out!

There are a LOT of great shooters in today’s game but not many great makers! Get in the gym, correct and perfect your mechanics & practice.


Drew was in Winnipeg this past October at the Basketball Manitoba Super Coaches Clinic.  Those who attended the clinic can watch the 2 hour presentation below by entering the password you were provided by email following the clinic.  . 

All 2013 SCC videos will become public on January 1, 2014 for everyone to see.  

Drew Hanlen - Purposeful Skill Development & NBA Concepts - Part 1

Drew Hanlen - Purposeful Skill Development & NBA Concepts - Part 2

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